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So there’s no gas in Middle Tennessee right now. It’s insanely expensive in East Tennessee and cheap (relatively) in West Tennessee. On the surface this is residuals from Hurricane Ike. According to the press this is because everyone went a filled up before the hurricane hit. As far as I can tell, everyone went and filled up because the press made such a huge deal about how everyone needed to go fill up because oh no there will be no gas. So now there’s no gas. Except maybe there would be gas if the press hadn’t flipped everyone out. Great.

I have enough gas to get to work and back through weekend and get to the bank. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere over the weekend, and I’m really not now. Hopefully by next week they will have it all sussed out. I’ve been trying not to freak out about the economy, but being in a city full of gas stations that literally have no gas is kind of apocalypse scary.

Also I’m just pissed off about the whole thing because I watched it happen. We left Nashville on Sat am and prices were around $3.89. There were INSANE price fluctuations between Nashville and Memphis. In Arkansas it was around $3.89. We drove back Sunday and I took pictures of gas prices the whole way back. It was like $3.89 in West Memphis (Arkansas), $3.99 in Memphis, $4.79 an hour out of Memphis, $4.19/$4.29 a MILE from the $4.79 station. When we got back to Nashville it was $3.99 in our neighborhood, but people have told me that price varies by as much as $0.80 around the city. I saw a ton of complaints about price gouging on Monday and now the AG is saying he’s not sure those complaints are worth investigating? We are on the same pipeline as NY and they aren’t running out of gas… You do the math.

Augh, I should just fucking go to bed, now all I am doing is making myself angry.

ETA – HA! I just angered myself further by reading some of the comments on the article I linked to. People are idiots, but still it appears most of them feel exactly the same about this as I do. Like really, what the fuck is going on?

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