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worth a thousand words indeed


The living room is filled with crap. It’s the usual, end of the week, should have been cleaned and put away over the weekend crap combined with six large boxes that my mother sent. These boxes contain old yearbooks, favorite children’s books, oh so very many of my grandmother’s photographs, books I’m peculiarly unable to part with, a wide variety of knickknacks and keepsakes, and the box that I am currently staring down. A large box, wrapped carefully in a map of Berlin, both the top and bottom wrapped separately, so it can be opened at will. The question is, do I want to open it? I know what it contains, at least in theory. It is notes, cards and letters sent to me from high school through college. There are, I imagine, love letters, break up letters, meaningful and meaningless notes, personal birthday cards, and throwaway cards barely signed and without real sentiment. Do I want to go through this stuff? Should I shove it in a large envelope and file it away for someone to find after my death? Should I just burn it? Should I carefully sift through it a save out the pieces I may or may not be interested in reflecting in my old age? I’m leaning toward burning all the contents unread and unsifted.

Here is a photo I accidentally took this morning while messing with my camera:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Really the photo is all you need to know about my last few days. Big time excitement, my friends, big bg big excitement.

Author: Ajax Bell

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2 thoughts on “worth a thousand words indeed

  1. That’s a lovely photo. You should consider turning it into postcards or notecards.

    I vote for either leaving the box for someone to find some day, or doing something that doesn’t require opening the contents until you’re good and ready. I’m all for nostalgia, and it can be cleansing if you have a glass of wine or coffee in hand and are playing the right music (with or without the post-morose purge). But…good and ready. That’s my three cents.

  2. Bwahahaha! I just read my Brezsny-scope. Perhaps I need another purge after all…

    On his Bad News Hughes blog, Patrick Hughes warned his readers never to use a mini-vacuum cleaner to suck up the contents of an ashtray. Speaking from experience, he said the rapid intake of air could reignite waning embers and create a fiery mess. I suggest you make that your metaphor of the week, Libra. It’s a good time to clean the hell out of everything in your life and throw away all the stuff that’s dead to you. But make sure that whatever you dispose of doesn’t contain some smoldering remains that could blow up in your face. (P.S. I’m not predicting things will blow up, but rather advising you what to do so that they don’t blow up.)

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