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cops and dreams. again.

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I slept in today. I woke up early. Like before 7:30. And I was awake. I could have gotten up. But I had a rough night at work last night, then stayed up another hour reading. And it’s another night of waiting tables tonight, so I opted to sleep.

As a consequence of the extra sleep I had weird dreams. One about grocery shopping. In one there was a 4th apartment in my house that a beloved friend moved out of. And for some reason as they were remodling it there were TV and DVD players all sorts of electronics in the yard which we all basically grabbed as much as we could of. Then I had a really long dream that I was catching up with a friend that I miss. In the dream she used to live next door to me and I was catching her up on everything that had happened since she’d moved. Which isn’t too far from the truth.

So this morning, I’m trying to read my email in all my multiple acocunts. I follow the same pattern: read, delete, read next, or read, reply, delete, read next. For some reason every time I try to delete or reply Yahoo! is making me reenter my password. It’s also reloading really, really, really, really slowly. I want to kick it, or blow it up. It is making me crazy.

There were a series of muggings in my neighborhood last night. Not surprising, as it’s not exactly gentrified, it’s summer, it’s hot and kids are out of school. Three 20-something guys got hit a couple blocks from my work and ran down to us to call 911. I saw this morning that a cafe nearby and few other individuals were hit in the area with in a few hours. Now I’ve mentioned before that I’m really unimpressed with the Nashville PD. But once again, I can’t figure how they make the decisions they do. So guys get mugged, call 911 and the cops respond in about 3 minutes. Then 3 cop cars hang out, asking the guys questions, and 15 minutes later the helicopter starts flying over. Um, okay. Wouldn’t it be better to have one cop car respond and interview the kids, and the others canvas the neighborhood on foot or in their cars? I’ve always wondered about the effectiveness of the copter, since there a lot of trees and fully wooded areas around here. It wouldn’t be at all hard to hide from a light in the sky. Plus it clearly did nothing since several other folks were hit, presumably by the same muggers, in the same area, after the first group of guys was.

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