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complainy old me on an average day


It's Friday, so that's something.

My shoulder has been achey all week, from the work I did last weekend.  It's been feeling progessively better every day, so I haven't worried about it.  Well, last night I apparently slept on it funny because it is painful today and all locked up, my neck is stiff and I'm generally miserable.

My Annoying Coworker has what he described as a "horrible accident" yesterday.  It apparently involved trip over a cord, while carrying his open work laptop and smashing it. Such smashing as requires data rescue and new harddrive. Brilliant.  Now he wants me to spend my day backing up all his files on my computer in case he has another accident.

In related news, I am having chocolate chip cookies and potato chips for breakfast, it only seems fair.

In nicer news, it is 9:45 am and already 65°F.  I know I've declared it spring already a billion times, but after last weekend's late spring freeze, I can now solidly say, that is it for the cold weather, man.  Awesome.  It's so sunny, I might try and power through all my work and run out a little early today.  Maybe a walk in the park will help my poor hurty neck and shoulder.

I made photo essay of my average day for Rhi.  It's here, and I had fun taking the pictures, but the end result seems sort of boring to me.  Maybe I'll do another one of my weekend, as that's when the real magic happens.  Ha!  Not really, but it'd be an interesting contrast.  Also this "average day" is sadly lacking in Holly, so maybe I will just shoot her all weekend.  I'm sure she'd love that. Heh.  Also you should click through the set in order, rather than the slideshow or anything, so you can get the very unexciting explanations with the pictures.

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Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

2 thoughts on “complainy old me on an average day

  1. I love your average day post! You are so pretty, your man is so handsome, but Holly is, indeed, sorely lacking. Need more Holly!!! 😉 Love you.

  2. That's a mighty long day. Nice to see the settings though…your morning work looks like it's in a house? Huh.
    I'm most impressed that you're up, showered and out the door in 30 minutes — and still found time to check email and drink coffee. This does not seem slow-moving to me.

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