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how I long for sweet sweet sleep

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There's going to be another Bond movie with Daniel Craig? Oh, be still my heart.

Yikes,  I will never get used to thunderstorms in the morning.  It just seems so strange.  I love thunderstorms of all stripes, but the morning ones feel so weirdly out of place to me.  I really do think of them as afternoon and late night things.

I don't think I've had a decent night's sleep in a week.  It's wearing on me in serious way.  Despite that, I look fabulous, at least from the neck down: black trousers, black slingbacks with little buckles, ruffley white blouse with a little black and light blue pattern, black sweater, hair up in princess-y, WASP-y ponytail with a little black headband. And I smell like pomegranates and green leaves and tiny flowers.

I'm all for cover songs. Love them, love variations, love the differences in them.  And not just country songs, but like punk covers of Beatles songs, or ska covers of Duran Duran songs, or you know, whatever.  But really if you are going to make a tribute album to Elliott Smith, maybe shake it up a bit and not have it be full of douchey singer/songwriter types who wish they were as good as Smith?  In that case I'd really rather just listen to the originals. (This rant brought to you by Pandora.com, which is giving me a bunch of garbage this morning.  I feel that the main problem in their programming is that when you create a station, it gives you ways to much half-assed 'sounds like' and almost none of the actual bands you programmed in to it in the first place. Grump grump grump.)

Today I have the urge to listen to nothing but the Old 97s.  Alas I didn't bring my iPod to work and I have none on this computer. Boo hoo.

But tonight Kristen is working!  I haven't seen her in almost a week!  I am so happy to see her again that his morning I danced around my bedroom while getting dressed!  And this weekend will be long and lots of hard work (if I don't wuss out and be lazy and decide I need a mental health break or something) but if I get it all done, my quality of life will be much improved. And hard work never hurt anyone, well unless you hit yourself with a hammer or drop a brick on your own head.

Oy, I just edited this pre-posting, and every place I should have used "a" I had instead typed "the."  What kind of sleep-deprived brain malfunction is that? Yeep.

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