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some days I can’t help myself

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I just can't always maintain professionalism in the face of idiocy and asshattery.

So we sent out an email from work that was basically a list of events listed by date, venue, location, time.  Fairly standard stuff.  Some guy wrote me, forwarding on the email with one of the events highlighted (his highlight) and his email said, "Can you clarify the highlighted line at the bottom of your email?"


I replied: "I don't think I understand your question.  Much like all the other items in the email it is a listing for X event citing date, location and time…"

I mean really, WTF?  Let me spell that out for you, dude: whiskey tango foxtrot.

So he writes back to tell me, rather tersely and somewhat obtusely, that he is involved in planning that particular event and that the date we have is different than the one he has.

Well, okay, now that's a valid concern.  However, what kind of ass hat says, "can you clarify" without giving further information, or just simply saying, "hey, I'm not sure this date is right, can you guys please check ASAP?"

"Can you clarify?" Yes, the explanation is that in 40 words of communication with you I've determined that you are passive aggressive jerk who can not ask a straight forward question a sensible way.

Or perhaps I am just feeling a little grumpy this afternoon.

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