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I've been a lax blogger lately.  How will you all get through your days if I am not updating you on my every shallow thought? So instead of actual content, here are some awesome Jezebel links I've been stockpiling lately:

why Hilary won't make a gender speech 

check out your own ass

tip your server, jackass

suck on this 

wrong way feminism   There was also similar bit about this on NPR this week, but now I can't find a link to it.  I'm not sure if it was a re-run of the previous Ariel Levy interview, or if it was new discourse on the subject.  But the concept was the same, how did third-wave feminism fuck up so much to go from gender identity and sex-positive movement and riot grrrls to girls thinking being a ho is empowerment?

Also On Point had a great show this morning on math education in the US and that hideous 'reformed math' that we've been destroying the most recent generation with.

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