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I stayed up too late last night talking at Hols, since she was up when I got home.  Tragically she has the day off today and I do not.  But YAY FRIDAY!!!  I am going to work SO HARD this morning and get everything done quickly so I can run out and play in the sun at least a little bit.  Then Miss Holly and I are going to the Happiest Hour on Earth.  And then I have a date with a cute boy. So I expect the only possible way today could be better would be if I got to sleep in this morning and since that part of that day is already over, I really have nothing but things to look forward too.  HOORAY!

AHAHAHAHAHA!  Oh Jesus!  I stared at the picture for so long before I read the text and had much the same thoughts.  Heee!

Damn, there are aren't often times I am glad to be a woman because of the negative aspects of being a man, but this hilarious link from Miss Daft makes me glad: The 10 Worst Products For Men Ever Created.  Yikes.

Okay, work now.  No really.   No more procrastination.

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