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So, in new work absurdities, we have to start each staff meeting with an inspirational quote.  A different person brings the quote for each meeting.  Tomorrow is my day.  The quote I've chosen is:

But all the wickedness in the world
which man may do or think is no more
to the mercy of God
than a live coal dropped in the sea.
– William Langland

I don't think the religious aspect o fit will be problem in my workplace.  And since I'll surely have to explain my reason for choosing it it should be fine, since my reasons have nothing to do with religion.  I just love this quote because it such beautifully image-filled reminder that the world is a huge and amazing place and that we are mere specks in it.  Valuable, glowing, amazing specks, but specks no less.  And even at that, it isn't a reminder of our own smallness, but to think rather of the hugeness of the whole world which we fit in and need to care for.

I'm mostly putting this here so I will remember my clear thoughts on it in the morning.

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  1. So, how did the quotation go over in the meeting? That's a really odd team-building exercise, I must say.

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