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deleting me

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I should be working.  I mean I am here at work, getting paid.  But you know, for the dozenth time in the last month I am the only one in the office and as pleasant as that is, it really doesn't inspire me to work.  Partly because it's easy to fuck off when no one is checking up on you, but also, I just feel like if no one can be bothered to come in, then why should I work.  Oh sure, some of them are working off-site, but generally it feels like they can't be bothered to come in and run their business because I am here to take care of it.  On the one hand, yeah, they pay me to answer phones etc., on the other they certainly do not pay me (or pay me enough) to make broad executive level decisions for them. ANYWAY, I should be working, if not for my employers then at least my own stuff, but I am not.  Instead I'm trawling all over the internet deleting accounts for things I don't use like Goodreads and Mugshot.  It feel vaguely like spring cleaning.  I'm can't decide about Facebook though. It seems incredibly useless to me, like even less useful than MySpace (which is like crack, so of course I'm keeping that).  Hmm, yeah, I think Facebook goes.  The only person who interacts much with on it in any meaningful way is my 15 year old sister and she can, you know, text me or something instead.

Okay so I've deleted Facebook, Friendster, del.icio.us, Mugshot and GoodReads.  I moved all the feeds I was reading on LJ to Google Reader.  Am still contemplating deleting my strangely wide array of Live Journals.  I feel much freer.  Timmy Mac summed it up pretty well saying that it was like having less responsibilities in the universe.  Less need to deal with, post to, or read useless shit.  Excellent.

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One thought on “deleting me

  1. I know the feeling…….About slacking off…………

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