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charmingly delicious


More pendants up on the Etsy site!  A few more of the scrabble tile book binders and book sellers charms and a handful of my first attempts at resin casting.  I'm pleased with these (especially the one with candy in it).  I can not wait to make more of these.  I've been stock piling tiny things to put in resin.  I made a bunch with tiny pints of beer and shepherd's pies in them for the Family Wash, and I'm happy with those too.  They are kind of time consuming though, just because the resin takes so long to cure.  I hope make a bunch more this weekend.

Pint and pie keychains:

Look!  The pies are even in little tins!

I am off work two hours early and gleeful at having gotten so much done tonight.  Although I was exhausted and so drank a Coke at the start of work and now I am home and WIDE AWAKE.  Will not sleep well tonight.  What should I do with my time?  Maybe I can think of more crafty things?  For sure I need to go put on jammies and giant fuzzy socks because it's literally freezing here again and my toes are cold.  Hmmm.  Maybe I'll take a bath.  Or read in bed.  Endless possibilities!

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Author: Ajax Bell

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2 thoughts on “charmingly delicious

  1. These are neat! I don't know if we did something like this years ago in shop class or not, but they look like a lot of fun.

  2. yeah, if you grew up in the 70s or 80s you probably did some sort of either paperweight, or drawer knob pulls with this kind of resin. It is pretty cool!

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