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Last week I was supposed to have Friday and Saturday off from the restaurant.  I ended up covering for someone on Friday.  Which was fine, having Saturday off was enough. This week I am supposed to have Friday and Saturday off (to make up for last week) and already I am covering for someone Saturday night. Which, okay, having Friday night off is enough. But now one of the girls is saying she's sick and needs coverage tonight. I could fucking scream. I am also sick. I have been there every night this week. I am so not going in tonight.  We've been one waitress short for a while and it's fucking bullshit. One of the other girls and I have been working nearly every night for nearly two months and the girls who work one or two nights a week keep asking us to cover them. Arg. I know my boss appreciates me and I come in on my days off out of loyalty to him but it's still bullshit. I swear I am on strike from covering for people until he hires someone else. And you know, 75% of the staff that has worked all week, ALL WEEK, has been really sick, not best practice for sure, but there's no one to cover, so people who are scheduled for one shift a week better be in the fucking hospital before they ask any of us to cover for them.
Okay, I feel better having now complained about it to any and every one who will listen.

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