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I am suddenly way crankier than I was an hour ago.  It started with an encroaching headache immediately followed by my boss calling to tell me that he was taking the day of because today was special day and he wanted to spend it with his wife. Dude, take a personal day, that's fine, but some advance notice would be great and less information about why you are taking it would be even better.

I have PMS, it's Valentine's Day, I'm sick and it's fucking cold out.  I can't get most my work done, because it's waiting for approval or decision making from a boss who is absent.  I will finish the immediately pressing work ASAP and take the rest of the day as a sick day and go watch Starship Troopers. Bleh.

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Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

4 thoughts on “owie

  1. he hehe, except for the PMS my day's going just the same… Valentine's what a rip-off!!!

  2. i do hate how out of control valentine's day has gotten. someone actually called today and asked if we were closing early because of the holiday.

  3. Mass commercialization to sell useless things and inadvertantly make me feel bad! Hooray. 😦

  4. Really? Since when is it a holiday? Boo! Granted I took the rest of the day off, but I really am sick and not just of hallmark holidays.

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