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snot faucet and pretty eyes

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Okay, fine, there's a possibility I might be sick.  I've had a cough and low level sore throat since the beginning of Feb.  I assumed it was because I'd stressed my immune system into disfunction with anxiety too much smoking. But today my nose has become some sort of snot faucet and I have to face it, it's probably a cold.  Am now armed with copious fluids, kleenex, Zicam and old fashioned nose spray.  A combination of the hippie and the archaic, the only things that really work for me.  The Zicam is in dissolving tablets which I've just discovered are utterly disgusting (one every three hours for a couple days, wheeee).  But really, no worse than the nose gel, I think, so whatever. My nose is all red and raw and I'm about to start rubbing Burt's Bees hand cream into it because I don't have anything else in my bag (chapstick usually works well, but I see all I have today is colored lip gloss).

While at the drugstore I also bought myself deep plum mascara and dark plum eyeshadow.  I used to, if I bothered to wear make up, slather on some black eyeliner and occasionally some random eyeshadow.  A while back I switched to brown eyeliner and eyeshadow colors that matched my outfit, or possibly, my coloring.  Recently, due to Jami's influence, and too many episodes of What Not to Wear, I've checked the eyeliner altogether and now do an elaborate series of three colors of eyeshadow, carefully applied with various brushes.  Usually darker around the eye, mid-tone on the lid and light along the brow bone, but I do switch it up. The first time I carefully did the WNtW proscribed make-up, people who see me everyday were coming up to me and telling me how beautiful I looked (I also ironed my hair) and I was sold.  Maybe it's my age or my vanity, but mostly I think having finally figured out how to put on make up has made me want to wear it. Of course, I'm no less lazy than I ever was.  I don't usually bother with it at all during the day.  But it's nice to know that if I want to spend a bunch of time ironing my hair and painting my face I can look fabulous.  Who know what lies next though.  Probably eye creams and anti-aging things.  Evil.  But probably inevitable.

Operation: Be Nice to Me isn't working so well. Except, I guess, in the make-up department. I did try and dress up this morning, but the snow defeated me.

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