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please, just a little shut-eye

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I went to bed early.  I read until my eyes were heavy, which didn't take very long.  I glanced at the clocked as I rolled over to sleep and was thrilled to see how early it really was and glory the idea of getting a good, full night's sleep.


About an hour after I fell asleep I woke myself up coughing.  A deep chest, non-productive, wrenching cough that went on periodically for about an hour.  After I was nauseous and ill from the painful tightening of my chest and abdominal muscles while I coughed.  Finally, again, I slept, only to be woken again my an awful, really traumatizing dream.  I read for a little bit to try and erase it from my head before I slept again.  The hard, driving rain pulled me back to reality a few hours later.  I would normally have gone right back to sleep, except then the thunder began.  Some of the loudest, longest rumbling thunder I have ever heard, at one point right over the house, so booming that it literally shook everything.  That was around 4:30.  Then as the thunder abated, the early morning traffic started, extra loud on the wet roads. I got up, found some ear plugs and threw myself back to it.  Given the twisted, weird, kind of painful dreams I had after that, I perhaps should have just given the idea of sleep at 4:30 and gotten up then.

It is grey and rainy.  I have my iPod to keep me company and I will, I swear I will, get every thing on my list at work done today.

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Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

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