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weekend update


Rodeo Saturday!  Woo! It was fun.  It was exhibition rodeo, so it was only a couple hours, like 8 rides in 3 events.  We cheered for the Navajo guy and the kid from Washington state.  The crowd seemed relatively uninterested and it became clear later that most of them were there for the Blue Oyster Cult concert afterwards, which we left during the first song.  I mean, yeah, we wanted to hear "Don't Fear the Reaper," but surely they played it last and I didn't want to spend the $8 on a second beer I'd need to make it through a BOC concert.  We wanted rider autographs, but again, not enough to wait in line.

Friday night I worked till about 10, then Jami, Holly and I went for a drink at the nice bar across from our house where they now have three cute waiters (two new ones and the gay one we always have who used to work at the Wash).  We chatted up the waiters as the restaurant emptied out and had a nice girls night out with martinis and all (one never drinks too much when drinks cost that much, yikes).  

Saturday during the day I worked on my new jewelry projects will hopefully I will have pictures of today or tomorrow.  Then Holly and I went to Sephora and the Whole Foods body store and bought good smelling girly things.  Then the rodeo! Wheee!

Sunday we did nothing.  NOTHING!  We manage to buy some groceries and eat and otherwise did nothing but read.  I read Middlesex cover to cover and while I enjoyed it, I didn't love it in the way I expected to. I'm not sure I can pin down why, but while it was immensely readable, interesting and all there wasn't anything that grabbed me about the characters or the story specifically.  I dreamt parts of it last night, but I imagine I'll have forgotten the whole thing in the next 30 hours.

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Author: Ajax Bell

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5 thoughts on “weekend update

  1. I thought Middlesex was kind of a failure, too, and how it won a prize and The Virgin Suicides didn't is beyond me.

  2. I can't tell if the subject matter was supposed to be more revealing and risque than I found it, or if I was supposed to feel this amazing sympathy and bonding with the characters, which I really didn't.

  3. I think it was supposed to be more revealing and risque than we found it. I think fanfiction and slash has likely spoiled our ability to be titillated by such bland material.

  4. I read it before I knew what slash was, and I didn't connect with it either. I thought the premise was a great idea, but the character's life was sort of meh for me, and the stuff I think was supposed to be titillating seemed lacking. Well written though, and certainly not a waste of time, but mmrph.

  5. Yeah, it was sort like listening to music and thinking, "well, it's technically good," but it doesn't make your heart swell, or your hips shake, you know?

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