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cowboy up

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This should start with a long intro about how much I love Jami and why she's the greatest friend ever and all, but I'm too excited to say more than that.  Guess where Holly and I are going Saturday (courtesy of Jami)?!?!?!?!


Rodeo cowboys.I'm so fucking excited.  It may not be the real rodeo, but it's as close I'm going to get for a while. Rodeo always seems to be a peculiarly western sport (by western I mean specifically the western states).  Like people from other places will gladly go to the rodeo, but they don't track the leading riders in the PBR throughout the entire season.  Like people not from the west just don't obsess on it in the same way. I love me some cowboys.

So, yes, I'm too happy for even the downer news to bring me down. All week at work the schedule has said I have tonight off. As I was leaving last night I found out I have to work tonight. Boooo. But it's okay, because then I can sleep Saturday and go to the see the rodeo cowboys.


I realized I said that the rodeo tomorrow was not real rodeo, which makes it sound like it's not as good. What I meant was that it's not part of the professional circuit, so it's essentially "exhibition" rodeo.  The ranking etc. of the cowboys participating only pertain to the event we are going to which is basically reality TV to get people interested in rodeo.

For the uninitiated, Professional Bull Riding (PBR) is the only thing I actively follow.  Marchi is my favorite rider this year and he's doing well right now.  Also he's incredibly hot.  I gotta tell you the addition of many hot Brazilian cowboys to the circuit in the past few years is a boon to women who love cowboys. I'm not shy of saying that hot guys make rodeo way better.  Besides the PBR, there is also the NPRA, which covers not only bull riding (and wrestling!)  but bronc riding (saddled and bare back), roping events and few other things. And the IPRA which is the international version of basically the same.  I will watch full rodeo events on TV, but it's only the PBR which I actively follow.

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One thought on “cowboy up

  1. hmmmm as a native western-er (arizona) I'm sure I knew what rodeos were, but not sure I ever really went to one. I feel like i did, but i can't remember seeing any honest-to-gawd bullriding. who knows. but yeah, it's sort of something you expect to hear about, once in a while.

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