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tornado watch


We're fine! Thanks to everyone who emails or texted to check up on us last night.  The tornado sort of curved around us and touched down just a little north of us.  The danger has passed, though the storm hasn't yet completely, the wind is still a little rough this morning.  I'm sort of shocked to hear how many people died and hear the reporting of it on the radio this morning.  I mean, it was scary, in a spectacular storm, awesome lightning sort of way, but perhaps we weren't as scared as we should have been.  Holly said it was God's judgment for TN going to Clinton in the primary.  Which is perhaps why the storm whipped past Davidson county? (Davidson went for Obama.)  I admit I was fine and calm last night through the storm.  But this morning when they were reporting the deaths and the fire on the radio it was all I could do not to burst into tears while driving.  I can't even look at the pictures in the paper of all the people crying.

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Author: Ajax Bell

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8 thoughts on “tornado watch

  1. I'm glad you're okay. It could be Clinton related – I'm just not sure. In 40 years, I've never actually seen tornado in our area. The closest I came was while driving through a neighborhood with a bunch of trees down and they said one had just come through. Strange, since we rarely get them.

  2. Yeah, I'm from earthquake country. I've been in tornados before though, in Oklahoma. I tell ya, I pick earthquakes any day over tornados.

  3. Yep – my brother was in Tulsa and used to tell me about them all the time. Strange how they sporadically can completely wipe out one area while not touching another.

  4. Yeah it is weird, like blocks can be flattened and across the street is just fine! So freaky!

  5. I know! The whole western part of our state was beat down!

  6. Glad you're safe. Funny, yesterday I chatted with friends in TN and KY just prior to the storms. Sometimes the universe has us check in on folks without knowing why *today*.

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