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I’d rather have cute shoes than eat food

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I have no will power. Not when it comes to shoes (or hot guys, but that's not a story for public forums).  But see I've been wanting Vans for a long time. They are perfect for work and the restaurant and just all around awesome.  Sure I wanted the Johnny Ramone ones, but I couldn't justify $55.  But now I've gone and spent $50 anyway.  But hey, I got TWO pairs:

Brown ones and black ones.  Really perfect.  Seriously, I can wear them all the time.  I need no other shoes for work unless I feel the need to be extra cute or super slutty.  And for $20 each, I feel justified. Mostly.  I will be eating ramen until the end of time.  At least I can eat for free at work most nights of the week.  While wearing my cute shoes.

I might have to give up on the pic a day thing.  I just cannot remember to take pictures.  Now I'm like 8 days behind.  I could give my self a break a start again since it's Feb 1, a good restart date. Hmm, let me think about this.  Maybe I can forgive myself the missed days?

I am officially over wearing boots and sweaters.  Every fall I get so excited about them and then Feb hits and I am done, stick a fork in me.  I want sandals! Flippy skirts!  One shirt instead of a million layers. So weather, I'm telling you, quite with the cold.  I want spring and I want ti now.

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