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is it over yet?

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It's WAY too cold.  After yesterday's balmy spring-like temps and last night's insane windstorm it should just not be this cold at 11 am when it's this sunny out.  BRRRRR!

I am cranky today.  The smallest things are irritating me.  

So I wrote way, way back that the idea of Guiliani vs. Clinton race was utterly abhorrent to me.  I'd probably abstain from voting at all.  Now people are talking McCain vs. Obama, which well, I'd go with Obama, I guess.  Not so much from party loyalty exactly (fucking Democrats, arg), but because Sen. Kennedy endorsed Obama and whithers goes my tribe as goes Teddy K. But I was listening to the radio this morning talking about the FL primaries and future possibilities and I realized that if it came down to a McCain vs. Clinton race, I'd have to back McCain.  I've been saying forever that people, in general, probably unconsciously, vote for the candidate they'd most like to have a beer with.  It's how Bush got elected in the first place.  A coworker asked me last night about Obama, she said they rest of the staff was behind him but they weren't really sure why (as they don't follow politics enough to worry about policies or anything).  I am sure why, because we work in a bar and Obama is the only candidate on the liberal side that we'd want to come hang out and drink with us. Period.  It's the way the populace votes.  I have other reasons to dislike Hilary, but mostly there's no way she'll manage to come across as someone warm, pleasant and friendly enough to hang out with for a Pabst and therefore she's unelectable. Also Edwards dropping out is a big time bummer. And I am so tired of this election already.

I want new shoes.  Instead I will pay bills.  Boo.

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