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I know I've said it before but Tennessee weather is spastic.  It's all over the place.  Today it feels like Spring might be lurking around the corner, though I'm sure it'll be hideously cold again before that is a true fact.  The high temps for the next week or so are in the 40s and low 50s which back home is surely impending Spring, but I am not yet convinced if it's imminent arrival.  However, I'm not wearing a coat today and it's still January, so that's AWESOME.

Last night I went with a guy I know to help him pick out new frames for his glasses.  He got some great ones and kept saying to me, "I never would have picked these for myself." Well, duh, that's why you asked me along!

Then I found surprisingly decent Japanese food at a little hole in the wall place. I had unagi!  Life is in balance again!  Mmmm, eel.

I am trying to dress better lately.  Which isn't to say I'm always in sweatpants or anything, but while I do mostly dress up to go out, I generally try to get away with bare minimum of acceptable for work or whatever. And yes, I have been watching WAY too much What Not To Wear (for which I can blame Hols).  So it's blouses instead of t-shirts.  Someday I will actually get up early enough to put on make-up before work.  Though for that I need a job that caters to hours my body wants to function (up late, sleep late). Anyway, yesterday I didn't want to drive back across the bridge after work because I had to meet someone on this side of town anyway, so I went shopping.  Now I have less than no money and should not be shopping, but I swear, sometimes it's like Southern Thrift is run by magic fairies who just want me to have things. I got an amazing dress (which I have no place to wear–seriously I need a boyfriend, just one who will take me places, so I have reason for my dresses), 6 light, summery-spring blouses and an awesome t-shirt for $17, total! Today I am wearing a cute brown blouse with white and blue pinstripes, a white cardigan, blue jeans and brown loafers.  I am being much more careful about clothes buying than I ever have been (not just the no money, but no need for things I like but won't wear) and am trying to create and keep a master list of the few pieces of clothing I need for wardrobe perfection.  Shoes of course do not count in this moderation.  One can never have too many shoes. And spring needs to come NOW.  I am so ready to pack up the damn sweaters and go back to wearing flips flops and light skirts.

ARGH!  Someone brought in air freshener for the work bathroom, that is really some hippie concoction of crazy essential oils.  It's really, really strong.  Like one tiny spritz of it fills up the building with it's noxious hippie scent.

Okay, let's try this rec me something thing again.  This time tell me about someone in your Vox Neighborhood who you think I should be reading their blog.

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