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recycling isn’t always good

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Hols and I were let down by the Depots today, both the Home and the Office.  I hate nothing more than ineffective errands.  But then we had brunch today with my best girls.  Champagne cocktails and Heath Ledger movies.  Damn good for a Sunday.  Especially since brunch didn't end until almost 7pm.  Then I worked on my new jewelry project.  I'm hopeful about it, but we'll see, it could still fail miserably.  Now we're watching Hope Floats, which is really depressing. Except, who can resist Harry Connick, Jr.?  Where is MINE?

I think I had a bunch of smart interesting things to write about.  I'm sure I was thinking about them earlier. Who knows what they were.  Instead have a random conversation from my day:

friend: "Oh, you are not…"
me: "Yes, I did bring cupcakes for brunch."
friend: "Yes, yay!  But I was going to say, 'You are not wearing a t-shirt that says I recycle boys!'"
other friend: "Oh my god, you are!"
me: "I am!"
friend: "That is so awesome."

Though as I told Hols, the shirt is really only appropriate for teenage girls, and then not even really.  Like How did this shirt even get made?

All in all a good day.  With a teeny tiny dose of family drama, but I'm currently being utterly avoidant about that.  I've had a bunch of people crawling out the woodwork lately and Jami's sure it a sign of good things to come, life changing and otherwise.  If there's good things in the future, dealing with the nutjob jackassery on the fringes of my family life is small price to pay, right?

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