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one last complaint before I leave for the weekend


Actual conversation:

Me to New Guy: Are you sure SFF doesn't have the film?  I thought we sent one a month ago.
NG: Well I don't know, but they need the shorter version.
Me: the shorter version is a special feature on the DVD, and I'm sure they have one.
NG: Can you send a new one just in case, it's a big deal film festival.
Me: Can we find out if they have one?
Boss: Yeah, we don't need to send one if they have one.
NG: Well the problem is I am going to be out of town next week.
Boss: Can we call them and find out if they have a copy?
NG: Well…
Me: I'll call.

NG's entire job is to coordinate and track screening of the film, especially film festivals.  Nothing else.  That's all we pay him for. And the thing is, I mean, you had to be present for the conversation, but it was clear that it would never in a million years have occurred to him to call the recipient and ask if they'd received the film.

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Author: Ajax Bell

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4 thoughts on “one last complaint before I leave for the weekend

  1. maybe he has a phobia of using the phone. seriously, it happens. I used to have conversations just like that before i got a hold of myself. Of course i was like.. 20.

  2. I am actually sympathetic to that. I hate the phone and when I'm seriously anxiety ridden it seems impossible to talk on or answer the phone, let alone make professional calls. However. It's his job. It's the only thing he's paid to do. So even if it is a phobia, I maintain that the man can not do his job.

  3. Hmm…he seems like he may want to re-consider his career.
    omg, I used to have a phobia of using the phone, too! I was also younger and am now over it. Waaaay over it.
    Even at my worst I would never refuse to do my job. I always do a good job even when my personal life is falling apart. I think….most people are the complete opposite. It seems a few people I am aware of in life center their entire work day around what they're doing for lunch. Bad, bad, bad.

  4. That guy is truly USELESS! omg

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