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I don't know if you know anything about Ingrid Bétancourt, but she's been hostage in the jungle of Colombia for the last six years.  A few weeks ago the guerillas holding her released a short video of her and a 20 page letter she'd written to her mother.  At that time they interviewed her sister on NPR and read portions of the letter. I was driving home at the time and had to pull over because I was crying so hard listening to her letter to her mother.  Today the FARC, her captors, released two other hostages.  NPR had Bétancourt's husband on talking about his hopes and what the family has been doing.  In addition to working with Hugo Chavez and others to negotiate release if possible, her husband has apparently been chartering small planes and flying over the jungle dropping thousands of pictures of her children in hopes one will make it to her. I really cannot express the amount of emotion this whole story stirs up in me.  Like listening to her husband today I just kept saying "oh my god" and fluttering my hands to my chest.  I was so completely overcome.  I feel so bad for Madam Bétancourt, her family, her loved ones, and her country.  I really can't explain why, but the entire thing stirs up something really deep, horrible and painful inside me.

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Author: Ajax Bell

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6 thoughts on “hostage

  1. It's because you're human. It is a very sad story, I hope she can be free immediately. 😦

  2. Even your retelling of the photo-dropping brought tears to my eyes.

  3. There's been a huge picture of her at the hotel de ville in paris for years now. i mean really huge – two storeys high. it's so hard to believe something like this can go on so long, can't be fixed. what are armies good for if not that? ugh, i don't know. but i understand why it would make you upset. it's heart rending.

  4. Yeah, the whole thing is just so awful.

  5. Yeah, I made all the girls at work last night cry telling them this story.

  6. I can't imagine passing my a picture of her regularly. I'm not sure of it would make it more horrible, or make me immune to it.

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