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bumping along into the abyss

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I had weird, weird dreams to start off the New Year.  Now it’s cold cold cold and it keeps snowing, although it’s not sticking at all and very very dry out, so there’s just odd swirls of dry snow blowing across the pavement.  And: Currently At 9:31AM, Mostly Cloudy, 19°F RealFeel® 6°F  SIX!?!?! What the the fuck, January, why must you always be so damn cold?  And it’s not too bad, the office is even kind of warm, except my feet are really cold.  I guess I need a little space heater under the desk.

Apparently 2008 will hold big changes for me, if I take anything Mr. Brezsny says to heart:

Week beginning January 3
Copyright 2008 by Rob Brezsny

TAURUS (April 20-May 20):  The average person changes residences 11 times in the course of his or her life. Having lived in 33 different homes so far, I’m way above the norm. What about you, Taurus? I’m guessing that you will either make a major move in the coming year, or else you will find your true spiritual home. Here’s a third possibility: You may penetrate more deeply into your existing abode, transforming it from a place of shelter to a sublime sanctuary — re-imagining it and reinventing it and reinhabiting it with an intensity that amazes you.

True spiritual home sounds good, I wouldn’t mind that.

I’m not really making any resolutions.  Never seems to work out for me.  I am going to commit to getting myself into a better place professionally, and trying to manage my time better so I can fit everything in. I will probably have to sacrifice some of my interests/hobbies.  There literally just aren’t enough hours in a week for me to do all the things I’d like.

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One thought on “bumping along into the abyss

  1. According to Brezney, I'm going to have to find out how to be just the right amount of aggressive this year sans any good role models for how to do so. That sounds very intimidating.

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