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baby, you can drive my car

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Let's talk about cars. Mostly I don't care about them. All I really want is good gas mileage, compact size and reliability (although the last one seems to be sacrificed when you're as poor as I am). I loved my car, the one that got totaled in June. The replacement is okay. I have given some thought to what I would buy if I could buy a new car and pretty much settled on the new Mazda 3. (Amusingly, when Hols went to buy a new car she asked me if I had any suggestions and I said the Mazda 3 and after all her dad's comparison shopping and strict examination of cars, she ended up with the Mazda 3, thus convincing me I was right about them.) However, the lovely Marcasita has made me aware of the new Mini Cooper Clubman.

Mini's are swell. Cute and all, but really too small. The Clubman however is just enough bigger to be perfect. It gets good gas mileage. It has the awesome 3rd suicide style door my Saturn has, but WAY more space. It comes in

chocolate brown

. I want one so badly I can barely stand it. Seats four! Has cargo space! It's a Mini! WHEEEEE!

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