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Pattern Recognition
William Gibson

Pattern Recognition, William Gibson

I know it's like all Gibson all the time around here lately.  But hey, makes me happy so I'm good with it.  I had to re-read this after reading Spook Country, as it's in the same universe. Timmy Mac says PR is better than SC. I'[m not sure I agree.  I maybe love Cayce Pollard, the lead in PR more.  I recall not being completely satisfied with the ending of PR the first time I read it.  I didn't feel that way on this go round.  And yes this book was wildly enjoyable on the second read, but I really loved SC.  Jet lag is a continuous theme through this book and read it while traveling, in airports, on planes and stranded in Detroit.  I found myself dreaming myself into the story, way over identifying with Cayce's jet lag. Desert island and only one author, fuck yes it would be Gibson.

And man, 9 books in 34 days?  I need to go shopping for some seriously short fiction.

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