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I followed enochs_fable‘s link to Glassbooth, which is an online quiz that matches you up with presidential candidates based on issues you think are important. I took it a couple times, changing up the importance of some issues and no matter what it keeps giving me Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson as my candidates. Which means neither of them will win. Bill was already my main man, and I wasn’t holding out any hope on that point. I don’t like Kucinich, I can’t remember why, so perhaps he just rubs me the wrong way.

I am drinking gas station coffee. It could be worse. I’m not sure how. I guess I could be drinking gas station coffee that didn’t have 6 little things of half n’ half in it to neutralize the exceptional acidity.

Día de los Muertos!!! So much better than Halloween. Next year I am building an altar for it. Hmm, maybe a really funky one to country stars who have moved on. Oooh, I feel the tingle of massive art project perhaps too big to undertake coming on! Hurray! Like this:

Only, oh man, with like Minnie Pearl and Hank Williams and Ernest Tubb and EVERYONE, dressed up like saints, decorated in Mexican folk art and just oh oh oh oh! I am so rearranging my whole life so I have time to do this next year. Yeah, Día de los Muertos is good times alright, or gonna be anyway.

HOWEVER, there’s more important things than that even on November 2. WAY MORE IMPORTANT.

It’s bassgrrl‘s birthday!!

Miss RiRi, sister of my heart, if I was there, I would so totally make you this cake:

(HA! Since I am far away you cannot prove that I wouldn’t make this cake, nor can you get me for lying. HEHEHEHEHE!)

Hmm, I’m feeling all powerful right now, I know I could make you cry, but I’m not actually usually intentionally mean, so instead I’ll just say that I love more than pie. More than bacon. If I could spend a sunny fall afternoon any way I wanted I’d go for a walk with you and then we could split a Coke and couple slices at Pagliacci’s while commenting on the pretty gay boys walking by on Broadway. You are the sum of all my best parts, what keeps my worst parts in check and both the weight and the feather that keeps me balanced no matter how far away I am.

Of course now you are OLD and I’m not sure I can depend on you anymore what with the senility and all. I will visit you at the old folks home as often as I can though. Love you so very much. Happy birthday!!

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3 thoughts on “politics – day of death – day of love

  1. That reminds me — I need to unpack my dia de los muertos shadow boxes and find them a nice home on some wall. I also just got myself a dia de los muertos mug, so I think tonight I must drink from it later — perhaps some hot cider or hot cocoa. Mmm.

  2. More than bacon!?!?!?! HOLY SHIT! You must really love me then! (Nice try, but you almost made me cry anyway… I felt my tear ducts twitch a little. heh.) That cake is so beautiful, I will pretend to believe that you would actually make it for me. 😉

    I know! I am totally old. *looks in the mirror* See? There’s a new wrinkle right there *points*. What was I saying? Who are you again? Oh, yes, that’s right…

    Thank you for being you and making me mushy on my birthday. You are the best little sister I could have ever picked. *flicks you in the nose*

  3. glassbooth

    Glad you got a kick out of it.

    It’s a little depressing that best matches were ones that I’d never heard or, or whom had essentially no chance of winning.

    Ah well.

    (hee. More than pie and bacon? , surely you are treasured. )

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