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the good, the bad and the ugly


So the FAA has decided planes can’t fly over my neighborhood anymore. FUCKING HOORAY! Seriously, when they switched the flight path, I thought I was going crazy, like had the planes always been there and I never noticed them? But oh yay yay yay no more planes. I’ll keep my trains and traffic though. Those are noises I love. East Nashville – 1, Planes – 0!

I’m driving to work this morning and there’s a dry cleaner’s van ahead of me. Painted on the side is a photo-real picture of a guy reclining, like head on his hand, and one knee up, the other leg out stretched. Only he doesn’t have hands or a head, just suggestion of them from his pose. He is wearing a red turtleneck sweater, bone coloured khakis, black socks and sage green suede shoes. What I want to know is who fucking approved this as good advertising for dry cleaning. The van also says it’s environmentally friendly dry cleaning. Does this mean people into environmentally friendly things can’t dress themselves?

I’ve temporarily given up NPR while driving to work and instead have picked pop country radio, which makes me only slightly less aggressively, angrily insane than NPR. I think the worst part is when a song comes on and I think, “I don’t hate this song” (don’t necessarily like it, but not hating is a big step) and I find out it’s Tim McGraw or someone. UGH. Perhaps I just need to leave the stereo adapter for the iPod in the car so I can avoid all of this.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

7 thoughts on “the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. I wish to hell that someone would do this for our neighborhood. It freaks me out because it ALWAYS sounds like they are going to fall on my house.

    LOL@dry cleaning ad….that is very sad.

  2. well supposedly the chemicals to dryclean are super uber bad, like totally filled with Methyl Ethyl Bad Stuff ™ but there are a few decent cleaners that aren’t as good, cost about 3x more, but aren’t around 500,000 years from now still waiting to decompose.

    And I just love me some Josh Turner 😀

  3. “Better” chemicals are an excuse for bad outfits in advertising?

  4. Oh definitely not! They still should be hanged and then beaten. It’s funny how earthy crunchy people can still be clueless. Fred and I went to a Garlic Festival where a few funky hippies were peddling their stuff (their braids are works of art IMHO) But this one guy must have thought that eating and selling garlic made it so bathing was no longer necessary the wind kicked up just a little a DAYUM the man stank! If I start up a band, I’m going to call it Sweaty garlic dreadlocks!

  5. How come jet noise is always a problem for all of you *except* when it is YOU on a plane?

    Noise complaints are self centered rantings of terminally selfish urbanite wannabes.

  6. You’re right, perhaps we should all be forced to live in trailer parks next to airports for a certain amount of time in our adult lives so that we don’t go around acting like privileged middle class urbanite wannabes who take air travel for granted, but complain about the noise.

    Whatever. My neighborhood is noisy as shit and I love it like that. The sudden, new addition of very low flying planes was unwelcome, especially when they were taking off over the lake before.

  7. Wait…you’re actually pro-airplane noise? Or are you just an angry deaf person?

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