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still too hot to think


I feel like I might explode or perhaps, less dramatically, just fall into a million little pieces as I’m walking around. Work stress, probably hormones as well, maybe the impending full moon (and total lunar eclipse). I haven’t slept at all well in several days and I have pretty unpleasant dreams when I do sleep.

This morning had maybe a hint of fall in the air. Partly I’m sure because of all the dead leaves from the drought, but mostly because it was actually reasonably cool enough (85°F at 9 am, still sort of UGH) that I could drive to work with the windows down and not arrive covered in sweat. Although cool temps don’t mean too much if we don’t get some damn rain. This image of the drought is fairly distressing. Although I guess it sort of proves how bad the drought really has been. Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia have been really, really fucked this year by the weather. Someday soon I’ll stop going on about the weather, but not today. Here is a link from the National Weather Service:

To put the recent heat wave in perspective the 15 days of 100 degrees and above in Nashville this month is more than twice what occurred in the previous 15 years. From 1991 to 2006 Nashville only had 6 days of 100 degrees and above.

Author: Ajax Bell

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2 thoughts on “still too hot to think

  1. Damn, that picture makes it look like you’re living in the middle of a black hole.

  2. jesus christ. i hope we bring the pac breezes with us. it’s been pretty droughty and warm here too though, so we’ll see.

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