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Will I learn my lesson and stop listening to NPR before it gives me aneurysm? Probably not. Today reporting on Orleans Parish prison an dhow bad it is since Katrina, they touched in how it's always been one of the worst prisons in the country, even pre-Katrina. Hmmm, really? And that's all you have to say on it, NPR, besides sensationalizing the dramatically bad conditions inside the prison? No mention of the poverty in that region and how the treatment of prisoners and quality of prisons is related to the economics of the area it's in? Nicely done, jackasses.

Hi, the humidity is coming back! This makes me oddly happy. I mean sure I'll complain about it, but at least it's normalcy and not bizarre, global climate change induced, scary, desert like weather, ya know?

Holly is here which is super happy making. Although it'll be ever more super awesome when there aren't boxes to be moved in the heat, or unpacking and organizing to be done. It's like all the work of moving, without actually moving. Ack. Well, I mean, obviously Hols moved, but on our end. Of course we love her, so we will work to have her here.

I haven't been posting much. Hmm, ask me anything and I will answer.

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