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uh uh


This morning a caller into the radio said, “I don’t know the answer to that. That’s like asking how much water is in a bucket. Who knows? I can’t figure that.”


How much water is a bucket is impossible to determine? What the motherfucking fuck? Is this a common adage that I’m just unfamiliar with? Ugh.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

16 thoughts on “uh uh

  1. It’d be one thing if he’d said, “How many molecules of water are in a bucket. I don’t have the tools to figure that.” But what he said is bizarre and ignorant.

  2. Right? I mean it’s not like there is no way to measure water…

  3. What? That’s ridiculous. Oh, people.

  4. I know. It was right as I was getting out of the car and I came stomping into the office complaining loudly about the amount of stupidity in the universe being equal to the amount of hydrogen.

  5. Even if you can’t measure the thing, you can still make some estimations. Though I wouldn’t bother, personally, unless my life depended on it, because I hate geometry and circle involved math.

  6. LOL check this out: My sister’s coworkers.

    her: I just tried this place across the street called DQ it was soooo good
    other coworker: you are from the south and never heard of DQ
    her: nooo I haven’t although it vaguely reminds me of dairy queen
    other coworker: and what letters does dairy queen start with
    her: what a coincidence DQ

  7. I donno, I think you might be vastly over-stating the amount of hydrogen…

  8. *snorffle* She is exactly the kind of customer DQ is looking for!!!

  9. WOW!!!

    Let me repeat, WOW!

  10. This hour: I cyber stalk you.

    This made me laugh so hard I might have reinjured my eye.

    I do believe that buckets come in standard sizes that are reflective of how much they hold, such as a half gallon or gallon bucket.

  11. I know! And then so my sister asks this chick if she realizes how dumb she is. The girl is like,” I grew up in Guam. I had a sheltered life.” WTH does that have to do with being stupid?

  12. Yes. Exactly. And even still, should it be a funky, fucked up homemade bucket in an inconsistent size, you could still determine the amount of water from other methods.

  13. Well, only if you could see the bucket and the height of the water up the side. Otherwise you’d have to take a guess, like “between 0 and 1000 gallons!”

  14. Depends, is there a hole in their bucket? [cackles]

  15. I can’t imagine it’s a common adage among anyone who doesn’t want to display their stupidity for all and sundry. o.O

    Girl, what kind of radio are you listening to these days?? Who ARE these people?

  16. Here’s another analogy. Actually, I’ll present it as a direct and truthful quote.

    “How many times have I had sex? That question is IMPOSSIBLE! I was a GAY MAN in the NAVY!”

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