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On NPR this morning they

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On NPR this morning they were discussing whether Rudy Giuliani is a viable candidate in the South. A few people argued that he was, that people would overlook his stance on social issues (abortion, gay rights etc.) in favor of his "toughness" and, most importantly his perceived ability to beat Hilary. Interestingly the Southern Baptist guy said that he could never vote for Giuliani for moral reasons, but that if both candidates were pro-choice then the abortion issue would be completely off the table and that evangelical voters would decided on other issues like economic justice and that more would probably lean toward the Democratic side on those issues.

Personally my idea of hell contains a Giuliani v. Clinton presidential race. Fuck, I might vote for Nader again under those circumstances. 🙂 Heh. Well, it does seem awful in any case. I've started turning ovr possible candidate combinations in my head now and that way surely lies madness. I mean Thompson (should he step up) v. Obama seems unwinnable on the Democratic side. Mitt Romney V ANYONE EVER would make me vote against Romney. Man, he gives me the willies. And I see looking now there's some more Republican candidates I need to read up on. And I'm still behind Richardson as the guy I want to represent me. Although I guess I should be paying more attention to the Democratic candidates so when it comes to time to back one who might actually win, I'll know who to switch too.

Now, I've depressed myself. Or maybe I just need coffee before I start thinking about politics? Everyone just elect me King of the Pirates and I'll sail off and forget all this shit.

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