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yonder and far away

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Oregon was awesome. The wedding was gorgeous, I hope to have pics up soon. But the weather, oh the weather! I got cold!! I had to put on sweater. It was dreamtastic. Now back in middle Tennessee where it’s already sweltering. Though, thus far, shaping to perhaps be not as hot as last week.

Highlights (outside the wedding) include my cousin Pilot and I going to get eggs in my aunts Miata. We took the scenic route. Hey now, on a beautiful, perfect summer day, there’s nothing wrong with driving back country roads 40 miles each way to get a dozen eggs. Pilot and I also went and ate at the Burger Hut, the local diner my grandparent used to take us too. It’s been remodeled but the food and staff are still the same.

It was weird going back there, there’s a house where my grandfather’s garden used to be. Someone else lives in my grandparent’s house. The farm out back is a housing development now. The park my grandfather donated to the city just isn’t kept up and I’m surprised how old it all looks, since it was built in my lifetime.

Seeing everyone was wonderful. I miss my family. (And hey, Pilot is going to be in Pensacola for flight school in a few weeks, so at least I’ll have some family in driving distance.) Spending days in airports and on planes not so great, although I need to remember to fly through Vegas all the time. Way better than Dallas or Denver.

Now my nose is running (from delayed allergies or airport plague, I’m not sure) and I’m way behind on work. Why can’t I just travel all the time? I think I’d like that better than this sitting at desk thing. More as I remember and I get caught up here.

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  1. Sounds great! Going home is always weird, man. In other news, I have photos (a little blurry) and clips (a little fuzzy) of the Avett Bros on Sat night. As advised by K, I shall send them to you as soon as I get a chance.

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