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Because some times making my private conversations public is more interesting than what I’m actually thinking about. K and I in email this morning:

Me: Why aren’t we in London right now? We could take a short flight to Barcelona from there!

K: I don’t know. The question REALLY is, how do we date Bruce Wayne and get him to finance our lifestyle as we see fit in exchange for lying about his nightlife?

Me: Or at least why haven’t we won the lottery yet? And by that I mean, found a HUGE bag of cash under the house.

I was startled awake this morning by something when I was in the middle of a dream in which you and I were shopping for shoes at a really high-end shoe store full of amazing, seriously awesome shoes that were all on sale for like eight dollars down from three hundred.

K: I LOVE THIS DREAM!! It was probably me up looking for my ipod that woke you. Sorry. I’ve been up since like six.

See, in your dream, my Bruce Wayne plan had already been implemented.

In cartoons, people find big bags of cash all the time. I think it would only be fair to have this happen to us.

I assume she means because we already are so much like hapless cartoon characters.

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