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13 thoughts on “time lapse

  1. That is an AWESOME picture, man. So cool.

    When my mom was my age I was already almost three years old. SO strange to think about.

    This is totally the most random thing ever, but if I sent you a couple of screws, could you make jewelry out of them? They are special screws. *grin*

  2. Yes, darling, send me screws! Also, am working on your necklace, will send pics this week. I haven’t quite decided if the pearl earrings are doable, too, but I’m still tossing around ideas on that front.

    When my mom was my age, I was, uh, 12? God, I can’t even imagine.

  3. Hee. YAY NECKLACE YAY! The suede and silver earrings are gorgeous too if pearls don’t work, and I think they’d match close enough. You should try to sell some of your stuff through that catalog. They charge a LOT of money, you could be a featured artist and everything! *G*

    Awesome. I will send the screws. I’m thinking they might make interesting earrings, but I’m a) stoned to the gills and b) not artistic in the least, so I think I will just let you decide. Heh. What’s your new address? Can you email it to me? Love you love you lots and lots! I will call you later and you can mock me for being totally dopey and incoherent.

  4. The pearl part I’ve got, it’s making the suede part look right that I’m troubling over.

    And I’d be all over the catalog if I didn’t have anything to do but make jewelry, but right now I can’t do that kind of duplicative production line work. SAD!

    Emailing addy, yes, call when you can. I’ll probably be around.

  5. Now I feel old, because I just worked out that when my mother was my age that I am now, I had finished High School o.0

  6. I know! I barely feel adult enough right now to theoretically become a parent, and yet…

  7. You should hire an assistant on the downlow. You do the designing, someone with steady hands and some extra time can do the actual assembly of the pieces once you’ve been all creative nd stuff! ‘Cause whoa, seriously, $400 necklaces there and they’re SELLING OUT. o.O

    Glue on the suede, maybe? To smoosh it into submission? *G*

  8. From the angle of her face I can see a bit of her in your face, too! 🙂 That’s so cool. Makes me want to scan some of my mom’s old pics. She was a pistol.

  9. To think that at my age, my mom was already married for 8 years and had both me and my brother.

    I *just* got married and, um, don’t forsee the kids anytime soon. Cats I can handle. Children I cannot.

    Most awesome picture, btw. I really, really love it.

  10. You are one with The Cute there, and she is beautiful!

  11. time

    That’s a beautiful picture. It’s funny to think about the fact that when my parents were my age, I was almost seven I think!

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