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shake it like a polaroid picture


As I’m driving home from work yesterday I see this and wonder if it’s been there all along and I never noticed or what. I mean I drive that way every day, so maybe I’d notice, or maybe I just ignore so much of downtown that it’s been there a while, right? Heh. This morning I ask my co-worker about it while we’re driving in and he says the same thing–he just noticed it, doesn’t know what it is or how long it’s been there. The newspaper reveals that it’s part of some new public art thing being dedicated today. There’s actually several related articles on it, of which my favorite part is the reader comments at the bottom. People seem very bitter about Opryland having closed. Hell, I’m bitter and I never even saw the place. Although the Opryland Hotel is still pretty awesome. It’s my goal to meet someone who will take me on a date to one of the absurd bars or restaurants there. Hmm, this is getting oddly off track from where I started. Must need more coffee.

My feet and ankles itch. Mosquitos and chiggers. Remind me again why I love this part of the country? AUGH.

Last night I had three separate dreams all featuring Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” No, I’m really not sure what that’s all about. I don’t even have an mp3 of the song to listen to to help clear it from my head.

Peanuts, by Charles Bukowski.

Where did I find this?

Thank you,

mystery link giver

la_cspan. I swear, I nearly peed myself. That, my friend, is what I want from the internet. Wheeeee!

ETA: my coworker is in a meeting and left his cell on his desk. It’s on ‘vibrate’ and every time it rings it moves a little bit across the table, closer and closer to me. It’s even moving in a slight curve, like it has a real destination in mind.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

9 thoughts on “shake it like a polaroid picture

  1. Ok, I see, instant comment button isn’t working. I now see why no one replies to my comments anymore.

    What I said was, get off work early with ebola on Saturday, and we’ll get mama to take us! I was already thinking of dragging her over there anyway since it seems like it would be just up her alley.

  2. Supper at Opryland! I am looking at the restaurants now! Let’s see, let’s see…their website sucks as much as all the others in Nashville…well, the restaurants don’t look all that great! Shucks, hm. There’s a steakhouse and a Italian place. Maybe I will make a reservation at the steakhouse anyway.

  3. Yeah, they have some new restaurants coming that look okay, but what’s there right now, seems kind of lame, though a couple of the bars looks awesome in their utter absurdity (like the one surrounded by ponds and giant fake lily pads set up as a bandstand, lily pad bandstand!

    Margo would be better if they are open late. I won’t get off before 8:30 probably.

  4. Ok, I will look into this.

  5. Yeah, their kitchen is open until ten. So I will make the reservation for like 9:15 or sommat and tell mom to eat a cracker.

  6. Ha! I will make the reservations when you get home.

    Christie also found the other place I didn’t know the name of. Which is a win/win there.

  7. That, my friend, is what I want from the internet.

    I totally agree! Also, I figure it’s fine to destroy my childhood nostalgia, as long as you’re being funny about it. Story about getting loaded with Peppermint Patti and then having her beg to fuck you? Aces. Crappy drawing of Belle taking it up the ass from Beast? UNACCEPTABLE.

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