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randomosity mostly about hair and a little about shoes


Oh man, my love for Heroes’ Peter Petrelli has really always extended to Milo Ventimiglia, despite that fact that Heroes is pretty much the only decent thing he’s made and he generally has terrible hair and seems to be sort of a jackass, I can’t help but love him. But now he’s gone and cut his hair and good god he’s so fucking hot I can barely stand it. Seriously, I have work to get done and I fear I may spend the entire day STARING at these pics. Hot holy crooked smile, Batman. I can’t stand it.

I need fashion help.

For those who are curious, here is what I did to my sister’s hair:
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My parents like it a lot. It’s so hard to rebel in my family.

I also cut my own hair. It looks better than it did, I think. K assures me it doesn’t look like I cut it myself.

I have chocolate milk. Mmmm.

And now I’ve run out of random, pointless, minute updates, so I’ll leave you be until I think of more.

Any questions?

Author: Ajax Bell

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10 thoughts on “randomosity mostly about hair and a little about shoes

  1. Okay, I have always thought that Milo was hot, now I think he’s really hot. *drools*

    Your sisters hair looks awesome. And, I love your parents.

  2. Your big batman pillow continues to freak me out.

    (UM. Not that I’m stalking! K sent me pictures of the new place. REALLY!)

    ALSO. This one is gnargh: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v493/JadeBlood/hotness/milo10.jpg (which is a GOOD, though upset with the hotness sound)

    (what’d you use for the pink dye? It’s very BRIGHT. That’s not koolaid.)

  3. I’m glad you got Batman in the shot you put up.

    *cracks up*

  4. It’s this dye from a ghetto hair shop down the street left over from my hair. It looks even cooler than this pic even shows.

  5. That hairs’ much better on Milo Thingy.

    Your sis’s streaks are well-done. Come and colour my hair

  6. It’s like anime bright!

    Is your hair PINK too??

  7. Also, I like to think of your icon as PRE-Robin Tim, when he had a big old crush on Batman and was collecting newspaper articles like a crushing teenage girl.

    He’s all “SWOON”, on his bed, in his favorite tee-shirt.

  8. That’s funny because I think it’s Roy from when he and Dick were in Teen Titans together and he wore the shirt pretending to take the piss out of Dick but it was really because he was madly in love with him and wanted to be closer to him.

  9. It’s not anymore, but it was.

  10. !!! Roy! And he totally would smirk when he wore it and think it was sort of PUNK because it’s all tight and possibly made for a young person and not a big, strapping young man. And Dick would look betrayed and ANNOYED. But um. Dick likes that he wears it too. They just don’t know that the other is getting a buzz off of it.

    (ALSO. I need your address! Will you email me?)

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