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it’s happy hour again


Oh, LJ permanent account time is one of those times when I wish I had a sugar daddy. I find I can often achieve things that seemed impossible (moving to Tennessee with no money, meeting bands I love and seeing them for free, etc.), so it’s curious that I haven’t yet really applied myself to the sugar daddy thing yet. I wonder if I couldn’t make it work somehow.

I wish I could DL things at work. As it is, I should have some sort of running list of things I think I want that I can’t look up until I get home. Today it’s the the Housemartins’ London 0 Hull 4. I blame Tom Morton for reminding of songs I loved years ago and haven’t heard in forever.

Speaking of needing a sugar daddy, Would that I was flush this week, I would bid on every single size L dress here. I swear, it’s an entire eBay shop of nothing but exactly the dresses I’ve been looking for. I’m irresponsibly considering bidding on one or two. Irresistible, I’m telling you.

I am not wearing a pretty dress today, just a mildly wrinkled, army-green knee length skirt and t-shirt in lighter green with sort of a tattoo print screened over it, sparkly green flip-flops, braided hair. It’s true, I can barely be bothered to dress myself decently this week. It’s kind of sad.

All things considered I’m in a good mood today. It could be the 11 hours of sleep I got over the course of yesterday afternoon and last night. Or maybe it’s because tubenerd gave me a ride to work this morning and he’s swell.

Um, does anyone have an mp3 of Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” for me?

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

29 thoughts on “it’s happy hour again

  1. …and I think I would be happy if I wasn’t here with them…

  2. And they’re happy, it’s a lovely place to be!

    YAY! I don’t know why that makes me so happy, someone else getting EXACTLY where I’m coming from. Love on your cute head!!

  3. I’m going to have to find a working tape deck in my house, so I can listen to some Housemartins tonight. I could use some “Build,” and how.

  4. It’s all “Sitting on a Fence” and “Flag Day” for me today.

  5. You needs to gets you some The Best of the Housemartins from Netflix, you do.

  6. Yeah, I’ll probably DL the first album when I get home, as I only have it on vinyl and I think it’s at my parent’s house.

  7. Damn you for posting that dress link! *hides her debit card from herself*

  8. OMG, I just almost bid against you on the asian green and red dress, without even noticing!!!


    We have the SAME taste in clothes, man. I want one of EVERYTHING, but I think the first dress (with the stripes and the wide belt and the sleeves) is my very favorite. YAY.

    I need a sugar daddy too!

  9. I like to share my pain. C’mon, girl, bear some of the burden of lusting for pretty, swirly dresses!

  10. You mean this one?? ‘Cause it’s my favorite too!!

    Maybe if you moved here we could find a good sugar daddy to share?

  11. Yes, that one!

    Only now I have a new favorite. this one! I WAAAANT.

    I don’t have PayPal. Maybe I can convince myself that that is reason enough not to buy!

  12. Oh!!! That one would be so very pretty on you!!!

  13. I love those dresses. I’m jumping in with both feet and way too much room on a card! *hides*

    You could totally make a sugar daddy work for you! You’re smart that way!

  14. I can’t seem to find a Large. Clearly it means it is not meant to be! Uh-huh.

    *bookmarks site all sekrit-like*

    I hope you get that red-sash dress, that would be SO GORGEOUS on you!!

  15. So my plan to keep myself from buying dresses by making everyone else buy them so there’s none left seems to be working!

  16. Well, maybe one will pop up. *cough* not that you’d notice, since you surely won’t be checking the site in the future…


    Have you seen this one? It’s almost rivalling the darker green one in my affections!

  18. YES. It comes in other colors too. I convinced myself that anything with a white base wasn’t for me, as I’d stain it terribly.

  19. Hey girly-girly. This isn’t Outkast, but I was falling asleep listening to it last night and thought “I should upload this for Jay-Jay”.

    This is Leslie and the Badgers, a band out here in LA. And their song, Old Timers. Hope you give it a listen: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=30E14D6A11F95D7A

  20. Oh my lord, those dresses! I would wear any of those. Especially the yellow halter top dress. *is not bookmarking site right now, or anything*

    I have missed your wardrobe update posts. It’s true!

  21. eBay shop


    ::mops drool off keyboard::

  22. OMG those dresses are bad ass. I wonder if I could make myself one.

  23. I dreamt we were part of the Ocean’s crew. Not really part of it, but freelancers they brought in when something was really fucked up or hard. Rusty just called us The Girls and paled around with us because he loves us. They were breaking in some guy and he kept hitting on us and being sleazy and Rusty is all “you better cut that out before *eyebrow lists* gets here” and there was whole shenanigans thing with the hotel we were staying in where Rueben had booked our rooms and they were wrong and we ended up having to stay in the wrong suite and didn’t get our meals comped and I had a big argument with Danny about it because he called me unprofessional.

    I’ll tell you more when you get home.

  24. If no one’s gotten Hey Ya for you by the time I get home, I’ll hook you up.

    I am steadfastly NOT clicking on the ebay link. I WILL RESIST.

  25. And you say MY dreams are cracked out fangirly nonsense. Although Rusty paling whenever he even *thinks* about you two is awesomesauce. ♥

  26. I want these two:



    I’m very, very, very, very tempted to buy them, but I know that I hsouldn’t ’cause I can’t try them on first. Too much $$ to spend on something that I don’t know for sure would fit me. But they’re so cute!!

  27. I passed the link on to my girl friends, and three have bought dresses arleady.


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