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more than you wanted to know


Thank you so much for every one who gave me hugs, condolences and general outrage about my car.

What happened: I was sitting at a dead stop, waiting to make a left turn (off Shelby on to 14th for those who know East Nashville) and the girl behind me dropped her water bottle as she crested the hill. She “just looked down for a second” and ran into me at 35 miles and hour. I was thrown in to the intersection (luckily no one was in front of me) and managed to pull through and pull over. There was really cute guy building a retaining wall on the corner and ran over and made sure I was okay, and called the cops. The girl and I exchanged info and waited for the cops. Blah blah blah. Then I said good bye to the cute guy and his cute co-worker and drove home (Cute guy said, “I knew you were okay when I saw the very first thing you did after you were hit was throw up your hands and say “What the fuck?!?!”). At the time it looked like my bumper was damaged, broken tail lights and my muffler was hanging precariously close to the ground. I called my insurance company, filed a report and then called the girl’s insurance company where I was told she didn’t have an active policy. I called the girl (and, for the record, I’m giving everyone the benefit of the doubt from here on out) and she seemed confused and said she’d call me back. After few calls back and forth she said that for whatever blah blah reason her insurance payment hadn’t been made for May so the policy was lapsed. She offered to pay out of pocket. I called my insurance company, where I have pretty good coverage, and they said they’d pay for it minus a small deductible and that they’d negotiate with her to get her to pay me back the deductible and then go after her for their expenses. Such as it is. I take the car into the body shop only to be told that the frame is cracked and there’s severe impact damage to the body of the car. In short it’s totalled and they are going to call me today to tell me the assessed value of the car and cut me a check for that amount. Which is better than having the engine fall out or something and just not having a car, but it’s an older car and so the pay out won’t be like winning the lottery or anything. I’m hoping to get something decent here. The good news is that I can get better car for less money in Tennessee than I could in Seattle. I’m okay, not hurt or anything. My insurance company is most likely going to sue the girl that hit me to try and recoup their expenses which is sort of sad because she worked and Krispy Kreme and her life is probably pretty fucked right now. (Though who knows maybe she was a student with rich parents or something, I’m trying not to worry about her as I have enough of my own problems.)

My insurance is taking care of me as best it can. Sadly I had no coverage for a rental car (I’m not sure why, I’ll have to investigate that when I get a new policy for the whatever new car I get). So I’m at the mercy of my friends to get me around for a few days. Last night I called a coworker and asked him to give me a ride in this morning. He said he was leaving early and I said fine, I’d text him in the am. I texted him at 7 am and asked what time he was leaving. He wrote back at 7:50 and said he’d already left. Hey, man, if you didn’t want to give me a ride, you could have just said no. I’m kind of bitter, especially since I’ve given him half a dozen rides that were WAY out of my way. I’m not above taking the bus, however, the bus system here is incomprehensible at best. So I can only hope that this process of being able to get a new car doesn’t drag out forever.

Also, I’m not entirely over losing my car. I mean that specific car. It was the first (and so far only) new car I’ve bought. I bought entirely myself, with no down payment and paid it off forever. It’s finally paid off and it’s been a very good, reliable car to me. It drove me and Hols to Nashville! It’s taken me everywhere for nearly a decade and I guess I’m kind of ridiculously attached to it and now it’s gone. 😦

I remain hopeful that this will all work out positively for me. I feel fairly adrift right now. Like last night I thought “oh, I should go grab that CD to listen to in the car in the morning” and then realized there was no car! WAH! Also I still feel a little freaked out by the accident. Sure, I complain about how poorly people drive here and yes, I try to always be aware of it and compensate, but somethings you just can’t anticipate, yeah?

Again you guys are awesome for all your supportive comments and all. Big love on all your heads. You are the bestest flist ever.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

8 thoughts on “more than you wanted to know

  1. You’re my hero for having such a good outlook on the whole thing, particularly how sympathetic you seem to the person who actually hit you.

    I was rear-ended by a dude who fled the scene right after the impact and it sucked beyond suck and I never, ever forgave that person for it.

    And I totally feel your pain for saying bye bye to your first car. When I had to say bye to my first purchased vehicle, it was like I was sending a family member out to pasture. Them cars really do more than just drive you around. They’re like little mobile houses, full of memories, long roads, good music and friends.

    I hope your next car brings you that many more happy memories!!

  2. And PS

    The fact that you had not one but TWO cute boys looking out for you? Yeah, while it was a totally sucky situation, it’s like life put two handsome angels to watch over you and make sure you were alright. And that my friend is pretty sweet.

  3. That was really assy of your coworker. How rude!!!

    It’ll be okay though. You have such a positive outlook on it though. I would still be cursing and acting a fool.

  4. The fact that you are worried about the girl who hit you is what makes you such a good person and a good friend. I love you.

  5. Sorry I haven’t commented before, but I’m so glad you’re not hurt, and that the car situation looks like it’ll be resolved as painlessly as possible. I’m vibing for you to find an awesome, modern version of the Metallicar, because you would rock that.

  6. This is not any more than I wanted to know. I was actually hoping you’d give details. I’m glad you’re not hurt, although that totally sucks about having to part with your car. The car I grew up with and, once I got my drivers liscense, the car I drove the most and bonded with, died about 6 months ago. It was a sad day, and I didn’t even get the closure of seeing it dragged off because I came home from college 4 hours after it was hauled away. It was a truly sad day. But now you’ll have a beautiful new car to bond with!

  7. ::Hugs::

    Jeez, you were lucky there were no cars in front of you or coming at you before you had a chance to get out of the way. I just don’t understand people who drive and take their eyes off the road.

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