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tired on a time delay

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I simply can not remember the last time I was this tired. It’s not like I didn’t get enough sleep or anything. It’s overall fatigue. I feel like I can barely stand up. I got 8 eight hours of sleep last night. I had a shower (finally!), coffee, food, everything, and yet, wow, I could sleep for another day or so. My body is so sore from moving and working and generally being an iniquitous miscreant.

We are all moved into our awesome new house. Unpacked is a whole nother story. One which I suspect won’t be told for a while. I am to worn out to even think about it really. My head keeps filling up with what I need to do and then it runs out again. I’d write it all down, but I don’t know what box any of the pens and paper are in.

The new orange crème frappuccino and orange & cream coffee cake at Starbucks? Are perhaps some of the best things ever created. Well, created by Starbucks. Topped only by that pomegranate icee thing that have/had. Mmmm. Also Starbucks has some coffee cups that I really want. Being broke I can’t possibly get them, but if you are feeling rich and frivolous feel free to get me the ones with the little saucers and the different berries on them because they are perhaps the cutest thing ever. And wow, I just went looking for pictures, but boy were they hard to find. Here’s the raspberry one, but I can’t find anything of the other designs. Hmmmphff. They aren’t as cute when you don’t see all the different berries together. Sort of like nail polish, how it looks good in the display with ALL the colors, but not so much when you get the just one color home.

Um, I’ve descended into rambling. Best go direct what mental capabilities I have to work then, eh?

(Boy-o, am I off today, I wrote this like three hours ago and never managed to actually post it. *sigh*)

pee ess, brynwulf sent me this lovely icon saying it reminded her of moving, but I think it’s more about running away from home. Which is what I want to do every time I think about unpacking. I hate moving. Wah wah wah boo hoo, I have to do work to have nicer place to live, oh pity me. Yeah, shutting up now, I know, okay?

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