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holy hotness, batgirl


I went to the video transfer place this morning and holy hotness is the girl there amazing. She’s all tall and pretty and hip and funky. She has blue stars tattooed up her arm. Man, I need to find reasons to hang out at the video transfer place in 100 Oaks. Does anyone needs VHS transfered to DVD or whatever? Seriously mail it to me and I’ll take in to this place. What? No, it’s not exactly stalking…

I was driving back from 100 Oaks, thinking how I’d post this whole ranty thing about drivers in Nashville and blah blah blah. But it’s pointless. No one here can drive. Hell, my driving seems to be worse the longer I’m here.

When I came out of the post office this morning, I found myself whistling “Walk Like an Egyptian.” What is that about? I mean, really, how long has it been since I even heard that song? What made it come into my mind? I was listening to Wilco’s “Box Full of Letters” when I got out of the car. There was no music playing in the post office, so where, oh where did that song come from?

ETA: Shooter Jennings is reproducing? Oh yuck, yuck, yuck. My only hope here is that Shooter is the Hank Jr of his legacy and therefore his kid will be the next Hank III.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

11 thoughts on “holy hotness, batgirl

  1. I’ll enable your lezzy lust. Want to take my wedding video to her to be put on DVD? *G*

    Also, do you know where I can get two cassette tapes made into CDs? There was this garage band I listened to in State College, PA about 20 years ago when I was spending the summer there for a job. I bought two of their cassettes and of course, they no longer exist and I love their folksy sound and want to keep listening but I’m afraid I’ll wear out the cassettes.

  2. Well, a quick search gives me: http://www.cassettes2cds.com but if you’re feeling clever, it looks like you can do it yourself.

    I’m seriously considering taking you up on the wedding tape offer. Gah! What is wrong with me. I’ll see her again when I go pick up my tapes. That should be enough, right?

  3. Well, if it’s not enough, let me know and I’ll express mail with insurance my wedding vid. I keep meaning to do it and it’s been YEARS so chances are it won’t get done anytime soon. heh

    Thanks for the link!

  4. ETA: Shooter Jennings is reproducing? Oh yuck, yuck, yuck. My only hope here is that Shooter is the Hank Jr of his legacy and therefore his kid will be the next Hank III.

    A-fucking-Men, sister.

  5. Seriously, have I done something to anger you? Are you trying to torture me?

  6. That video almost EXACTLY matches how I imagine your life with Kassie in Nashville.

  7. Am I Trace Adkins in this scenario? Because I’m already having a bad enough day…

    For real though it’s more like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqv-2emERFw

  8. It’s more like the *feeling* of it. See? I never been to Nashville, so what else do I have to work with?

    (You can totally be Trace Adkins, of course)

  9. It’s almost like we aren’t even speaking the same language, darlin’.


    I sort of like Joe Nichols, seriously. He’s so cute and sarcastic.

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