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lull me from my sleepy bed


I owe answers to a million emails, which I’ll confess right here that I haven’t even read yet. I’m feeling sort of avoidant this week and I can’t turn off for work or my home or personal life, so the internet is bearing the brunt of my avoidance. I’m sorry, I swear, I’ll get back to all of you ASAP.

If you sent me a b-day present, I swear I loved it and again, personal notes coming soon, once I feel a little less overwhelmed and completely insane.

The week before last was foot injuries for me, last week was knees and thighs, this week it appears burning is my form of punishment. Last night I managed to eat scalding pizza with out ever burning my tongue or the roof of my mouth! However, I scalded my lip and it blistered. Very attractive, let me tell you! Even before that, I may have spent a good portion of Sunday lounging with my girls (K and miss Sparkle) in the sun. You all know what me in the sun means right?

Yeah, burny. And the was the second day after it had cooled down a little. My pal, Sly Dog, calls it a “river tan” and apparently he’s striving for a good one, though I’ve already got him beat a little–not for the burn here, but for the flip-flip lines on my feet.

Despite being burned, I think I looked pretty cute yesterday. I tried to take pictures (since I had the camera out to document the burn) but it was early in the a.m. and they didn’t come out so well, still, I think it’s better than a simple description of the outfit:

Worn with cream colored flip-slops covered in bronze-y sequins and beads. I love that skirt SOOOO much, I wish I had half a dozen like it in different colors and patterns, but I can’t seem to find any more. Boo!

The song of the day is Rescue – Lucinda Williams (click to download). The lyrics are here. I should make a pact with myself to listen to this song once a day until I’ve internalized the message.

And despite the vaguely whiny tone of this post, I am actually fairly happy right now, minus a few things. I am full of joy and love for my friends and my adopted city and life in general. I’m just tired and a little emotionally worn down.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

18 thoughts on “lull me from my sleepy bed

  1. Sun. Screen. Know it. Love it. Live it. Every day.

    That *is* a very pretty skirt. I love the randomness of the print and the colors.

  2. Yes, sun screen is usually in evidence for me, but I was a bad that day and I think the UV index was particularly high.

    Yes it’s great skirt, you can’t see so well there, but it’s like tan, burnt orange, cream, sage green and sort of a medium brown. It’s also really light and soft and floaty. I love it so!

    Hi baby. How are you? Will we ever see you again?

  3. Right now, I’m just totally envious over you being able to have all the tattoos you want. I’m being a pouty baby because I want another (the last one, I figure) on my lower back for my 50th birthday later this year and Wolfie has asked me not too because he doesn’t think they’re very feminine.

    My response is SO? But, I also like him happy (and wanting my body). I can’t believe I’m caving to this. I have a sneaky suspicion that when my sister the tattoo/body piercing shop owner comes to visit me from Oregon, we’re going to come home one day with matching tattoos. Yes, we do that all the time. πŸ™‚

    Other than that! I’m happy you’re happy and spring clothes are the BEST when all we’ve been able to wear is jeans, sweaters and CoATS for months. Yay for warm weather!

  4. Yes, sun screen is usually in evidence for me, but I was a bad that day and I think the UV index was particularly high.

    Lord knows I’ve done that, too.

    Where’d you get the skirt?

    Hi baby. How are you? Will we ever see you again?

    Well, this is my work desktop and it’s fairly emblematic of how I feel right now. But my weekends are fun lately, so yay.

    As for seeing me… I dunno. The Crack Twin and I are talking about a TN trip for the summer, but it’s unclear if it will work out. I dream of seeing Cory and Ben play together in your town someday.

    Y’all should come meet up with us in Asheville and you can get your Woman’s Ruin tattoo at Man’s Ruin Tattoo Studio!

  5. Ahahaha! My desktop is Eye-patch!Xander, as I like things that distract me deliciously!

    The skirt came from Target, it doesn’t seem to be on their site though.

    Yes, I’m working out when I can come see y’all, tattoo or no, I just wanna come play with y’all out there.

  6. The outfit is very cute! My sister has a flip-flop tan all the time– though that’s probably because those are the only kind of shoes she wears.

  7. My desktop is Eye-patch!Xander, as I like things that distract me deliciously!

    Eyepatch!Xander is delicious, indeed. I am loving Season 8.

    I just wanna come play with y’all out there.

    YES YES YES!!! You must come visit! Fun will be had!

  8. If I may be so forward as to say…..you have one smokin’ bod! (And I’m not referring to the sunburn, despite that it could have totally been a bad pun)

  9. Now that’s the kind of positive reinforcement a girl likes to hear! Although I think it’s more the outfit and the angle than anything else!

  10. PS I got the boxes today!! THANK YOU!

  11. Yeah, it’s almost all I wear in spring and summer and most of fall, except to work, and even then a lot of the time!


    I don’t know what to say about the tattoos, except for me it’s definitely something I do just for myself, so in your position I’d totally go for it too!

  13. Although I think it’s more the outfit and the angle than anything else! Pfft! You look maaaaahvelous.

    So happy you got the boxes!

  14. eeeek! your poor, poor skin!

  15. Seriously! The sun is like a bad boyfriend that keeps doing me wrong and I keep going back.

  16. *cackles* Yes, exactly!

  17. ah, yes. the classique river tan. best acquired while idling down a stream in an inner tube with a beer in hand.

    suddenly I miss tims ford. my god, I never thought that would happen.

    also, super cute outfit there, woman.

    (ps I’ll be back in TN on july 6. )

  18. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

    Though I like the way the color brings out your tats.

    And you do look adorable in the outfit. I love your descriptions, but the pics are even better.

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