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a change will do me good


I am at work. I have internets! I’m posting to LJ! I’m listening to Tom Morton. I like my coworkers. Life is good!

I was driving into work this morning, composing this post in my head (most of the content I promptly forgot as soon as I got out of the car) and there was an Alabama license plate front of me. Their plates read “Stars Fell on Alabama” which I think has something to with a meteor shower in the 1800s or something. But really as I was staring at the plate (it was red light) I thought of everyone I’ve met from Alabama since I moved down here and I’m pretty sure stars falling has something to do with the number of hot guys Alabama seems to produce. Thin, narrow-featured, dark-haired hot guys. I met another one just last night. They are so prevalent it’s as if they’ve rained down from the sky. Yes, um, perhaps no more thinking so early in the morning, eh?

Seriously, Tom Morton is killing me with the goodness today. Go listen to the current show that’s up! It’s making me gleeful on a chilly, wet day!

Yesterday’s clothes: pointy black heels with little silver buckles, lavender pants (I know, what?), white button-up, black sweater. Today: black slacks, white tee, purple cardigan, and… red shoes. Well, it works alright, style-wise, but obviously I need the purple shoes. So, I said I wasn’t too proud to whore myself out for them? Well then, here’s whoring. Anything you buy from the site in the next week, the money will go towards the purple shoes. Think of it as buying me a present and getting something for yourself. I have a few new things that will go up on the site this week and of course you can always order custom things. So come support me in being irresponsible, you buy something, I buy shoes–damn the electric bill, my debts or rent. I need frivolity in life and this is going to be it.

I can’t decide how many of my weird toys I should bring to my desk at work. So far I only have the squeaky laptop Buddha. I think I need the stacking dolls of former Soviet leaders too, and pictures of my sister, Rhi’s babygirl and D’s twins and then I’m good.

Now I need to work. Although I’ll surely be distracted all day by the fact that apetslife get here tonight!! EEEE! PETTYWHACK in my house!

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

5 thoughts on “a change will do me good

  1. morning! i’m the stranger stalking your room mate! i think “Stars Fell on Alabama” is referring to the Billie Holiday song? could be wrong though.

    in conclusion, purple shoes!

  2. We wear the same shoe size, then! It is a complete shame that we weren’t in high school together so I could have been trading shoes with somebody with awesome taste in shoes.

  3. I think the song is also about the Leonid meteor shower!

  4. You should move closer to me.

  5. you need a picture of me on your desktop…in a frame made of twigs.

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