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time and work enough…


Wait, didn’t I just get off work? And now I’m getting ready to go back? And this only going to get worse when I go on a regular schedule at my other job next week. I’ll just keep repeating to myself that money is necessary and good. Also I’d forgotten how thankless restaurant work can be, but still it’s fun, I like the people (and the food and beer benefits). But man, last night, when I sat down for the first time in 5 hours, I realized I’m definitely not as young as I once was!

Is it just me or Joss completely, totally spoon-feeding it to us in the season 8 Buffy comic? I mean, really! The Xander swoony-ness isn’t enough, but he has to almost go there. How can I possibly be patient enough to wait for the next issue? ARG! (spoilers in the comments)

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

12 thoughts on “time and work enough…

  1. Wait, wait! Where is it going? Where is this there? I don’t have the comic, plz spoil me asap!?

  2. Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    Well see, Xander is all eye-patchy, central operations, commando in hotass clothing now and Buffy’s trapped in spell which keeps her in a dream, and the initial dream is her pulling Xander into her room for hanky panky and then later it turns out that the spell needs the kiss of true love, and Amy (who cast the spell) is taunting Xander to try his hand at it. I’m seriously hoping this means Riley will resurface and be the one to save her, but it’ll probably be Angel. Bleh.

  3. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    Aw, man. I keep hoping that they’ll follow through on what all those producers were saying and give us canon Angel/Spike. *GRIN*

  4. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    Oh goodness, please!

  5. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    Look at the cover!!! Oh, Xander!

  6. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    Seriously. I’d hold my breath if I thought it would help!

    Good luck at work, baby. Stay warm, wear comfy shoes, try to sit down at least a few times! *hugs*

  7. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    Yeah, tonight shouldn’t be as insane as last night. Hopefully.

  8. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE


    I am making an icon of that. RIGHT NOW. holy shit. Oh, XANDER. Wow.

  9. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    There’s a desktop of it on the downloads on that page. I’m already using it. *SWOON*

  10. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    My first fandom was Buffy, my first pairing was Spike/Xander. I am having CRAZY flashbacks right now, and the strangest urge to go read Xander fic….

  11. Re: Here be Buffy comic SPOILERS – BEWARE

    Yes, yes and YES.

  12. I need to send Dave out to get me that damned comic. I had planned all week to go out and get it today, but now I am too sick to leave the house. *whimpers*

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