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These are the days


I’m having a good day so far. K’s left on her trip, which is a grey area because I like having the house to myself, but I don’t like not having her here. It’s beautiful in Nashville. I had coffee with my neighbor this morning, whom I adore. Then I had a couple good phone calls with friends here. I’m still waiting hear on the dream job, but it looks like my neighbor hooked me up with a couple nights a week hostessing at an awesome restaurant up the street, so if I have that and the dream job, I’m all set. (The restaurant is also an EXCELLENT place to meet music people and other people and is sort of community in and un to itself, so it’s not just restaurant work, it’s an odd sort of opportunity and it’s the kind of job you have to inherit, you can’t apply for.) Tonight I’m going to see Lucero with some people I love and despite the current painfully desperate financial situation, the future seems hopeful and bright! It’s warm enough out that I’m sitting around in my underwear and a tank in MARCH! Oh Tennessee, you continue to woo me ways I never thought possible.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

5 thoughts on “These are the days

  1. couple nights a week hostessing at an awesome restaurant up the street

    I totally read this as “hotassing” which, you being you, is a given.

    Lucero! I see them next week. Can’t wait. Contemplating calling in sick the next day.

  2. Yes, the joy of being unemployed is I can go to Lucero with no worries the next day! Hurrah! I’m very excited! I’ve never seen them in Nashville, I’ve always had to drive to hell and gone, so being able ot come home after seems like a treat.

  3. I’m amused by your love notes to Tennessee. It is really gorgeous this time of year. And summer, too, and fall, and winter has its perks.

    Yay for good days! And these opportunities sound wonderful!

  4. Man, I cannot wait to get there. Seriously. It’s finally stopped snowing here, and the sun is shining, but I want to go somewhere where there are actual buds and leaves and growing things. We’re still very gray and brown and dead, here.

    And it’s only 50 degrees (if that) so no underwear and tank for me. *grin*

  5. not to mention…me!

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