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yeah, like that


Do you ever those days? Not THOSE days, but the more surrealist ones?

So bassgrrl got married today. I know because not only did I wear pantyhose I also signed some papers witnessing her love for her man and her permanent commitment. Except the epic flooding it was a lovely wedding and I’m so so so glad I came up for it. In addition to standing up with her at the ceremony I saw lots of people I haven’t seen in forever and ate cake and had very good time. The only downside, I couldn’t get up the gumption to give a toast, because seriously, there have never been two people more perfect for each other in the world and I should have taken the opportunity to comment on it publicly. High points of the day include, the groom going to change (in closet) and someone walking into the church and announcing, “we can’t start until the groom comes out of the closet.” And during the little rehearsal to make sure we all knew where to walk, the minister said, “and then you’ll turn to everyone and I’ll declare you Mr. & Mrs. Robinson,” and my mom declared loudly from a back pew, “You’re going to be Mrs. Robinson?” Hehehe… Here’s to you, indeed.

After my mom and I took leisurely drive home down back highways in the rain. Then my mom randomly offered to take me shopping. I got shoes (red) and pants and maybe an awesome hoodie (we got it for my sister, who might not like it, so I’m supposed to, on mom’s instructions, show it to her and if she’s jealous and likes it I have to give it to her, if she’s fairly indifferent I get to keep it).

Then we came home and my dad had said my cousin Joe was coming over, because he was in town for Navy ROTC competition. Well Joe came over. With SIX of his ROTC buddies. They stopped by, just to say ‘hi.’ But my family being what they are, my mom was looking out the front window as they all piled out of the van. Normal people would be all WTF? My mom’s first response? “I hope we have enough liquor.” Yeah. So they came by to say ‘hi,’ but instead my mom made them all dinner, served them high-end scotch and Bombay Sapphire g&ts and let them all hang out all night. They were all cute and smart too. So I spent my evening drinking heavily in mom’s living room while having a great conversation with a bunch hot Navy guys. Yeah.

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K may have had a fantastic day, certainly off the charts in goodness, but I think I held my own in joy for the day.

Author: Ajax Bell

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16 thoughts on “yeah, like that

  1. I downloaded the pics. Let me know where I can email a link if you want to pick up the .zip files? I know it’s OK to share them with you. 🙂

    I was so, so glad to be there. They are just fabulous, and I am just filled with GLEE at how happy they are!

    Also, whoa. Six? A wedding and six sailor boys?

  2. I know, is there a cuter, better couple than them, anywhere? We could all only hope for man like him, or a woman like her.

    Including my cousin it was SEVEN sailors, there’s only six in the picture because one was already passed out in the backseat of the van. Don’t ever let it be said that sailors can out drink me and my mom.

    OOOOOOOH! Pictures! to jacyn.rebekah at gmail dot com please!

    I’m so glad you were there today. It was such a good wedding, wasn’t it? Despite the epic flooding? (Which my ma and I agreed was even good because it will be a cute funny story later.)

  3. Wonderful post, JJ, gave me a cheeksplitting grin.

    First the random shopping is awesome, and the plan for the hoodie is hilarious and, also, awwww. Very cute.

    But the best part is your cousin Joe with his six buddies. LOL! That’s a huge crowd to accommodate. They were a cute huge crowd thou. Nice way to spend an evening.

  4. I think I know someone who goes to OSU and is ROTC Navy. But I could be horribly horribly wrong. Which makes this a totally random and useless comment that basically says “Hey, that guy’s shirt says Oregon! I’m from Oregon! Imagine that!”

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading happy LJ posts like this. I’m so glad life’s good for my friends, it makes me want to dance! *dances*

    And your mom sounds cracktastic, but I’m not too sure about her idea of shopping for “you”. heeeeee

    have a great time and don’t float away!

  6. If I wasn’t married now, I would be totally jealous of you having had a houseful of Navy boys. *ponders* Hmmm, I think I might be jealous anyway. hee! Sounds to me like you had a good day! heh.

  7. Well every one of the boys in that picture goes to OSU and is NROTC. I bet there’s more where they came from. Hee! One was from Alaska and another from Canada and the rest were all Oregon native and spent a good deal of time talking about Oregon’s superiority to all other states. Since I was born there, it was hard for me to disagree. 🙂

  8. Well, I did get shoes out of it, which is the most important thing. 🙂 My mom has funny ideas about a lot of things. I think that’s why everyone loves her so much.

  9. The important thing is, did you have a good day?

    Yeah, it was pretty funny evening. And you know how my is, beloved by guys under 25 everywhere, who knows why. She even made them work, change lightbulbs and stuff.

  10. Heh. I knew you’d love them!

  11. It was a nice way to spend an evening, if completely random! My dad was talking about needing to finish some painting in the house today and I told him he should have conscripted those boys last night, they’d have had it done in less than an hour!

  12. Damn, that’s an awesome day.

  13. Hee. Sounds like they were my kind of guys, then. There’s nothing I like more than a ‘How Oregon is awesome.’ conversation.

  14. Yes, I DID have a good day, but today is better for the simple reason that I have no stress. 🙂

    My mom was being really mushy about you yesterday… it was kind of cute.

  15. Aw, awesome! I’m so glad it was a beautiful wedding!! Hooray for them!!

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