Author of the Queen City Boys books

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  1. Because you ARE smart & educated.

  2. Sadly, they are still not offering Boy 101 at college. Let alone upper division classes.

    Also, boys suck?

  3. Only the good ones 🙂

  4. I don’t even understand myself some days, let alone The Fred, or Michael or any of the other smooching boys around here, and straight boys are even weirder cause they like girls! go fig!

  5. It’s not your fault, it’s evolution! Your big, smart brain keeps trying to figure out something that isn’t any of its business. See, what with the overpopulation, the unstable environmental balance, and the global warming, the magnets in boys’ chests have reversed polarization, thus repelling them from the girls, which prevents humans from making out on the couch and then going through the motions of procreating. While anyone can work against the forces of anti-magnetism for short stretches of dirty sex, it’s incredibly difficult to sustain a relationship-quality proximity.

    If you fix global warming, I’m sure you’ll find a great boyfriend right away.

  6. you know i’m with you. in fact, why am i not actually with you? your couch and beer sounds like heaven. wah.

  7. My Overly Simplistic Answer

    Because you want/expect there to be more to them than there actually is, and your brain keeps rejecting the fact that “that’s it”.

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