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50 Books: Book 12

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Falling Upwards
Kassandra Sims

Falling Upwards, Kassandra Sims

So, what to say about this book?  Of course most of you know I live with the author, so it's unlikely that if I make the giddy OMG-READ-THIS-NOW post that was in my head as I finished it, most of you won't take me seriously.  But it is an enjoyable read.  Mostly of a lose yourself for an entire day at the beach kind of thing rather than a reflect on your own mortality kind of thing. Purely excellent fantasy, although not of the sort you might think.  Basically our heroine is pulled out of her work-a-day life and falls headlong into Welsh mythology.  She ends up questing, bound to a hero of sorts by a geas which ultimately leads to saving him.  It's not so much swoony romance as two people bound together taking sarcastic bites of each other as they stumble through a magical realm, where the hero has the answers, but the heroine isn't always sure what questions to ask.  My biggest disappointment with this book is that I finished it and discovered that I was in fact still living my everyday life and not actually traipsing through a magical forest with a really insanely hot guy.  Alas, such is life.

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One thought on “50 Books: Book 12

  1. Mine is already on pre-order and I cannot wait to get it. Your review does not help matters.

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