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take the house they build for her apart


Why am I not in situated in the world financially so that I can buy all the Michael Kors shoes I want? And afford someone to drive around, because they’re pretty but not so comfortable. I guess my drive and determination doesn’t meet my shoes needs. *sigh* All why must Guess continually make something, every season that I’m dying for? Like these. I guess I should devote some drive and determination to finding a sugar daddy if I’m not going to have a decent job. Though what I’m really currently looking for in a shoe is something just like this. I’d prefer plain brown to two-toned. Alas money defeats me once again. And my birthday is months away.

In other news of dissatisfaction, Yahoo! is totally taunting me. I keep switching the weather on my main page to Nashville and it’s keeps switching it back to Seattle. Where the temperature is literally twice what is here. ARG!

And I have cramps. And my back hurts. Shopping made me feel better. I bought a tiny little red vacuum cleaner, three bottles of liquor, two bottles of wine, underwear and assorted toiletries. Shopping is zen. Tomorrow I will buy a chlorine filtering showerhead that will surely change my life. My only real complaint, I guess, is that I can’t get warm.

My skin is so dry that I might scatch it all off for the itching. I’d spend some time seriously slatering myself in lotion, but it’s too cold to go around naked for the time that would take.

Why did I not buy buy potato chips when I was at the store? Am I an idiot? I think I might be.

Author: Ajax Bell

Seattle author. Stops to smell the flowers. Amateur nerd (I wanna go pro but I haven't found anyone to pay me). Humble hippo enthusiast. queer/bi. they/them.

19 thoughts on “take the house they build for her apart

  1. buy buy potato chips are like bye bye birdie? I am listening to Willie singing “Blue Eyes Cryin’ In the Rain” and am pissed off Dexter isn’t on iTunes.

  2. I’m listening to that new album and wishing for potato chips. I did get the FNL torrent finished though.

  3. I have cramps too. And I think I hate you for linking to Zappos again. I mostly make myself forget that site exists. And then you link, and I click, and I think, OMG CUTE I NEED MARY JANES YES I DO NO SERIOUSLY and the next thing you know, I’m freaking buying them.

    So thanks for that.

    Even the lotion is cold. I itch SO badly. But if you put oil in a hot bath, not only will you get warm, but your skin will stop itching for like a whole day. At least mine did. Burt’s Bees has bath oil. 🙂

  4. Your gratuitious shoe post made me go look at the Fluevog site and drool over shoes and such that I can’t afford either. *sigh*

  5. I don’t really take baths, most bath oil etc. makes me itchier. I’m very sensitive. 🙂

    Someone needs to invent a lotion warmer! Hmmm, I’m seriously considering heating the bathroom with the space heater, submerging the lotion in pot of hot water and spending an hour in there SLATHERING myself.

    I did order a chlorine filtering showerhead last night! Hopefully that will help with some of the dryness, since our water has higher chlorine levels than most swimming pools (no lie).

  6. Yes, I’m just spreading the shoe joy/love/misery today! Hooray!

  7. Mine too. We have “hard water” (a polite way of saying that our water is very nearly a solid), and my skin is so itchy that I’ve found myself scratching so hard I leave MARKS.

    A lotion warmer would be AWESOME. I also highly recommend the Origins Souffle lotions. I am incredibly sensitive too, but these ones for some reason both keep me from being itchy AND smell good AND don’t irritate!

  8. Thank you for the song!

    I agree, a sugar daddy would be better than a job. Maybe.

  9. You should hitch a ride with Jed and Brad tomorrow for Cecily’s birthday party so that you can be in a warm and well-heated place for a few hours.

  10. Huh. I never knew The Wrens covered They Might Be Giants. I love when covers create a completely different sound. (Really, there’s no point otherwise.) Did I ever mention we were neighbors with one of TMBG for many years? Wonderful people, which is always a nice thing to discover — especially when you love their stuff, which I do.

    Heating pads for teh cramps. Owie.

    Man, I need some potato chips now.

  11. Oh god those Lumiani shoes are fantastic. I really love the saddle-shoe style colors. Money defeats me all the time and I thought I had a decent job.

    I’m going to go shopping but it will be grocery shopping. I dislike shopping because they never have what I have in mind.

    I’ve been slathering myself in lotion and just going around wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. It’s the only way to not have my skin fall off after the -9 windchill we had this past week.

    Potato chips sound good. And maybe some popcorn. And chocolate. And I can’t wait until strawberries are back in season. The ones available at the store are all mushy and gross now.

  12. I wish I could, but Sunday just isn’t good for me. 😦 We have a dinner thing here and I have to clean the house. Or rather finish cleaning the house.

  13. No, no, not instead of. You’d still have a job, it could just be whatever you wanted it to be and you wouldn’t have to worry about earning money! 🙂

  14. …do you need Dexter?

  15. You are a sweetheart. I got it all now. Just not as fast as I wanted to.

  16. Sure, maybe another time. 🙂

  17. I chime in with this person about the Fluevogs. Also, my recent time spent at the doc martens site.

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